Saturday, December 18, 2010


I wanted to post this because there are so many mothers who like me are healthy, eat a high raw diet but yet was not able to breast feed their baby. I had a breast reduction 15 years ago and many of my breast ducts were damaged. I produced milk, but did not have many ducts to get it out to my baby. I still breastfed Abigail. I used a supplemental nursing system called a SNS, which I attached a tube to my nipple that carried the formula I made for her. It was very exhausting as I had to make her formula, slightly warm up ( not really warm it, just take the cold edge off as I wanted the milk to stay raw) attach to my nipple and then attempt to breastfeed. I did this for 6 months. After 6 months Abigial was not getting enough from my breast and through the tube, so we went to the bottle. She is now 2 and I still give her a bottle that is similar to my breast nipple. I plan to give her a bottle until she is 3. I feel that this helps and maintains proper jaw development. Here is the recipe

4 cups raw goat milk
3 cup fresh spring water ( yes, I go to Banff and get water from a Spring)
30 ml of Kindervital by Salus or Flora

Blend in a blender on low for a few seconds. Do not over blend as it will homogenize the milk. I pour the milk into individual bottles at 7 oz. She drinks between 5-7 a day.

At night time. I make a separate bottle with 6 oz of raw milk to 2 oz of spring water, no kindervital and I add a DHA liquid capsule. I open the capsule and squeeze it into her milk at least 3-4 times a week, every other day. You can give Udo's DHA or a good quality fish oil, just 1/8 tsp. It is important to give your baby DHA, as it is minimal in goat milk.

Here is a great link on raw goat milk: Can I feed my baby raw goat milk?

I have been feeding this formula to Abigail since she was 1 month old. I chose not to make Sally Fallon/Wetson A Price baby formula as I felt there was too much cooked ingredients in the formula. Plus, she was getting some of my milk along with my formula. I did not feed Abigail solids until she was 9 months old and mostly chia pudding made with chia seeds and raw milk.

For my next baby, I plan to exclusively breastfeed until they are 1 and supplement with raw goat milk and then starts solid after one. I have learned so much in this process.



  1. Very interesting! My son eats a LOT though... for him I don't think he could have made it without solids until a year. I did baby-led-weaning where the baby learns to feed him/herself, and he eats absurd amounts...AND tonnes and tonnes of milk too!! Although he will NOT drink anything other than Mom... EVER, and yes, now I work full-time at 14 months.... He's a machine! First food? Avocado :)

  2. Gail, perhaps there are nutrients lacking in your breastmilk and that is why your son is needing more. I find supplementing with a good quality grass fed goat milk can help.